Our Next Club Project – Bow Hunting

Here at the Flatlander Jeep Club we are always looking for new stuff to do. Let’s face it, you just need a break from normal jeep activities from time to time. We think that we have found a pretty good option this time. What’s that? Bow hunting! Hunting may not be for everybody, but we think it is at least worth a shot. For one, it brings us much closer to our food. There really is nothing like eating the food that you catch yourself.Instead of being so far removed from where it comes from, you are right there at the moment that it becomes yours. It really gives you a new appreciation of it and a new viewpoint in regards to the food industry.

We especially think this is true if you have issues with the treatment of animals. When hunting we are going after the ones that have reached the end of their life. Because of this we know that they lived as long as they could have and lived it free. This is unlike some of the animal farms where they are cooped up and given no real room to move, and just pumped with antibiotics and made sick. This will also change the actual flavor of the food too. We have found that hunted meat tastes much, much better than factory farmed meat. This is because it is much leaner and obtains a different flavor profile, depending on the diet of the animal that you are hunting.

This means that a deer from one part of the country could possibly taste different than one from another one if the diets of them vary at all. This makes hunting much more interesting. So how will we get going with this? We suggest anybody wanting to take part to take a look at any of the hunting bow comparison guides out there on the internet. There are plenty of them, and most tend to recommend a compound bow as a hunting bow. We would also recommend it. It will be easy for a beginner to use and allow you to update the strength of it as you get stronger and better. Let us know if you want to join us, we would be glad to have you in this new club activity!